#GreenTech 2019 recap

Olaf Mos with Dicans discussing pros and cons of greenhouses vs indoor farms

One of the talks was about the pros and cons of growing medical cannabis in greenhouses or indoor farms. Speakers agreed on the fact that opting for one or the other facility depends on many factors - one above all being climate. Greenhouses can be very challenging to manage, but they are cheaper in terms of sq ft than indoor farms. The latter, however, allows for a better control on the different parameters that can affect the plant growth. Indoor farms require a high level of technology in order to function correctly, and therefore they need to be carefully designed so to keep the cost low. 

Cannabis Pavilion

Strategic partnership

DICANS has a stretegic partnership with Ridder for almost 25 year. 

About Ridder

Farmers and growers worldwide need to be able to adopt their own individual approach to efficient and sustainable controlled environment agriculture. This is the promise that Ridder, as an international family-owned company, fulfils by translating more than 65 years of Dutch agri-food expertise into adaptive technology and know-how that is tailored precisely to local needs and conditions.


GreenTech heading down the home stretch

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