#DICANS supplies greenhouse in Israel

DICANS supplies greenhouse for Top Greenhouses Ltd. in Israel

DICANS will supply a greenhouse to Top Greenhouses Ltd. in Israel. The entire greenhouse has an area of 7.125 square meters and will be used for the cultivation of cannabis. That DICANS would enter into a partnership with a company from Israel comes as no surprise. It is not without reason that Israel is seen as the pioneering country of medicinal cannabis

Israel (and the cultivation of) cannabis are inextricably linked. That is because Israel is well ahead in medical cannabis research. Thus it is the home of Raphael Mechoulam, one of the men responsible for the discovery of the endocannabinoid system. His workplace, the Pain Research Center in Jerusalem, is also the first research center to isolate the cannabinoids THC and CBD. Therefore it is not a surprise that medical marijuana has been allowed in Israel since the Nineties.

Among other things, it was investigated whether cannabis can be used for various disorders. To think of are: Parkinson, multiple sclerosis (MS), Crohn's disease and other forms of chronic pain. The depth and passion of the research in this ambitious country is unimaginable.

But the recreational use of cannabis is also an agenda item for the government in Israel. In November 2020, Israel announced that it was moving forward with a plan to legalize recreational cannabis nation-wide. The country is aiming to implement recreational legalization within nine months and even if there are delays, that means mid-to-late 2021!

With the to be delivered greenhouse facility, DICANS contributes to the development of the cannabis market in Israel. The greenhouse is divided into three areas. An area of 1.680 square meters is where the mother plants can grow and the young plants (vegetative stage) are put into culture. When these plants have grown sufficiently, they will be transferred to one of the two flower zones of each 2.592 square meters. Here the plants can reach full maturity and bloom, before they can be harvested.

The first containers will be shipped from the Netherlands to Israel mid-April this year. DICANS is very proud of the fact that it is awarded for the design, engineering and delivery of this greenhouse facility. We aim and have full trust for a successful and long-term cooperation with Top Greenhouses Ltd.