#DICANS provides expansion in Southern Europe

DICANS provides expansion for well-known and valued customer in Southern Europe

In January 2020, DICANS installed a hybrid grow light system in a part of the 2 hectare greenhouse facility, for our customer in Southern Europe. Due to its success, negotiations were started immediately after completion, to explore and realize further improvements. Adjustment of the climate by heating, dehumidification, temperature control and the final definite energy supply.

Based on these principles, the customer and DICANS have entered into a new, extended partnership. DICANS will do the various updates to the current systems and installations. Thus, the lighting installation will be expanded with several departments with an hybrid lighting system and several other departments with a full LED lighting system.

The irrigation system is also being adapted with a disinfection unit to be able to re-use the drain water and with additional silo’s, to be able to store these water savings, efficiency and sustainability on water use !

Finally, air handling units are installed that ensure better air conditions, in particular by dehumidifying the greenhouse air.

By doing these additional works, DICANS contributes to the goal set by the customer: a better and consistent quality of the cultivation and of course a diversity of savings.