#DICANS installs Hybrid grow light system

DICANS installs Hybrid grow light system for medicinal cannabis grow facility!

In mid-November, DICANS was asked by the client, whether we could provide a solution for improvement of the quality and increasing the production of medical cannabis. After the first contacts and discussions by e-mail and phone, the client visited our DICANS facility in Wateringen to create a solution together. After an analysis, the client and DICANS came to the conclusion that the first steps and fastest solution could be done with additional light by means of a hybrid lighting system.

On December 9, DICANS received the official order for final engineering and delivery of the lighting system. Right before Christmas the HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and LED fixtures, brackets and mounts, cabling and switch panels were delivered at the building site.

The local team for the install and our Dutch team worked extremely hard, after which the first compartments (mother rooms) were operational in the first full week after New Year. In week 6, the temporary diesel generators were supplied for the additional energy requirement.

Local people started installing the lighting system, under supervision of DICANS in the first week of January 2020. The system is installed in a 9000 m2 greenhouse located in South Europe, to improve the quality and increase production of their medical cannabis.

Thanks to the solid and quick collaboration of our client and DICANS, all deliveries and works were realized in an amazing quick timespan. The next step is to explore and realize further improvements adjusting the climate by heating, dehumidification, temperature control and the final definite energy supply.