#DICANS builds cannabis facility in south central USA

DICANS builds cannabis facility in south central USA

DICANS will build a cannabis facility, a so called mixed light facility (glasshouse) in South Central USA. The entire facility has an area of ​​2500 square meters, of which 800 square meters will function as  service area. The remaining 1700 square meters consists of a glass greenhouse and will utilize the cultivation.

Various climate systems and screen systems will be installed in the 1700 square meter greenhouse. Among all systems, a light deprivation screen will be installed, so that a short day treatment can be given. Also all will be grown hydroponically, to reduce water use and grow sustainable and of course to achieve optimal growth of the plants.

The greenhouse is divided into two areas. An area of ​​500 square meters is where the mother plants can grow and the young plants (vegetative stage) are put into culture. When these plants have grown sufficiently, they will be transferred to the flower zones of 1200 square meters. Here the plants can reach full maturity and bloom, before they can be harvested.

The first containers were shipped from the Netherlands to the USA mid-January this year. When the facility is up and running, it will be a state of the art cannabis facility for one of the key Cannabis companies at the North American cannabis market. DICANS is very proud of the fact that it is awarded to build this project.